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RAKU TOOL WB 1258 foundry board

Abrasion-Resistant Polyurethane Board

June 11, 2019
An alternative to liquid systems and high-priced metals for core box and pattern plate modeling

RAMPF GROUP INC.’s highly abrasion-resistant RAKU® TOOL WB-1258 foundry board is an alternative to liquid systems and high-priced metals for a wide range of foundry modeling applications.

According to the developer, more than 100,000 replications can be produced with the polyurethane board. Previously, such a feat required either liquid systems with complex manufacturing processes, with higher costs, or high-priced metals like aluminum.

With Rampf’s cutting-edge foundry board material, core boxes and pattern plates are manufactured that make it possible to quickly and easily produce models with outstanding abrasion resistance, dimensional stability, and accuracy.

The core box/pattern plate is directly milled using CAD data, which also ensures the high precision of the models. The dimensionally stable polyurethane board is easy to process and changes can be easily made.

RAKU TOOL WB-1258 also exhibits minimal sand adhesion, high chemical resistance, and virtually no swelling. Color-matched adhesives are available.

Other RAMPF polyurethane modeling boards include the RAKU® TOOL MB-0600 for patterns, which exhibits a superior surface structure, good dimensional stability, and low coefficient of thermal expansion; and the RAKU® TOOL WB-0801, with exceptional surface structure, high heat-deflection temperature and very low coefficient of thermal expansion, dimensional stability, and good compressive and flexural strength. Applications include patterns, core boxes, jigs, and fixtures.
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