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More User Interface Improvement for ERP

July 1, 2019
Odyssey 6.1 Maintenance Release 4 continues to advance “the look and feel" for metalcasting-specific enterprise platform.

B&L INFORMATION SYSTEMS issued Odyssey 6.1 Maintenance Release 4 for general availability, continuing the "user interface modernization" that, according to the developer, is the 2019 goal for the Odyssey Web User Interface (UI).

Odyssey is an enterprise-resource planning product developed specifically for foundries, diecasters, and investment casters. The Odyssey ERP platform includes modules that meet specific functions for metalcasting operations — manufacturing, sales, inventory, quality control, finance, and data analytics —so that information can be shared and received by everyone in the organization.

The Odyssey Web User Interface was made available first in 2016, and revised with the introduction of Odyssey 6.1, in December 2018. “Odyssey 6.1 begins a process where we are continually modernizing and improving the user interface and the user experience,” according to Brad Clark, R&D manager, at that time.

“Odyssey 6.1 Maintenance Release 4 will be the final stability and performance update to Odyssey 6.1,” according to Clark.

“We are now in the final stages of Odyssey 6.2 development, which includes many business application enhancements centered around scheduling and production,” he continued. "Odyssey 6.2 also will include the next phase of our User Interface continual improvement process that began with Odyssey 6.0. These new and exciting improvements not only bring an enhanced User Experience to Odyssey, but also includes the next generation of our integrated application programming interface called OODAPI. This new interface is a RESTFUL API that will allow for advanced interfaces with Odyssey running in B&L’s Cloud.”

All Odyssey release information, including for Odyssey 6.1 MR4, is now available through Rapid Support, directly within Odyssey Web UI or via the B&L customer portal (Customer Login) for customers on Windows UI.
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