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High-Productivity 3D Laser Scanner

Aug. 6, 2019
High-density point-cloud data collection - at high speeds and with high accuracy

HEXAGON MANUFACTURING INTELLIGENCE introduced the RS6 Laser Scanner for the new generation of Absolute Arm portable measuring arm systems launched in 2018. It offers extremely high-density point-cloud data collection at high speeds and high accuracy. The RS6 delivers productivity improvements over competing scanning solutions through the introduction of SHINE, an advanced set of algorithms that allows RS6 to measure at the highest quality and accuracy setting with no reduction in laser-scan line width or scanning frame rate.

The RS6 Laser Scanner boasts a scan line that is 150 mm wide at mid-range, representing a greater than 30% increase in surface area covered by each scan movement compared to the previous generation Absolute Arm laser scanner. The scanner also measures faster than its predecessor, with a 3X increase in frame rate to 300 Hertz, meaning scanning can be performed three times faster with no loss of point-cloud detail.

“Often, the problem with high-performance laser scanners is that their advertised acquisition speeds seem incredible, yet when you measure with them in the real world, provisos and conditions mean that the performance isn’t actually that special,” according to Anthony Vianna, Product Manager for Absolute Arm systems. “Our new SHINE technology means that users can scan at full speed with the full laser width all of the time, on all parts.”

This technology means that there’s no need to learn many complex combinations of settings depending on accuracy and surface-type requirements. With SHINE, the RS6 is permanently ready to scan any material at full accuracy with no reduction in frame rate, scan line width, or data quality.

Like the RS5 Laser Scanner, the RS6 can be completely removed from the arm in just seconds to allow for easier handling when not in use. Thanks to its innovative repeatable mounting system, it can then be remounted just as quickly and with no need for recalibration when scanning functionality is again required. The RS6 also boasts a unique laser targeting grid designed to simplify measurement alignment. Combined with the numerous usability features built into the new generation of Absolute Arm models, the RS6 is laser-focused on making it easier to scan better.

The RS6 Laser Scanner will be available for delivery in August 2019. It is available for purchase as a complete system with a new Absolute Arm 7-Axis, and as a retro-fit for already purchased current generation Absolute Arm 7-Axis systems.
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