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Artificial Intelligence Suite for Manufacturing

Aug. 13, 2019
Comprehensive program for raising production quality levels and reducing production defects for Industry 4.0.

DATAPROPHET, a developer of AI technology for manufacturing launched its comprehensive Artificial Intelligence Suite to improve production quality and reduce defects for Industry 4.0. Through a combination of individual software modules — DataProphet TRANSFORM, DataProphet PRESCRIBE and DataProphet INSPECT — manufacturers will recognize "a significant, practical, impact on the factory floor,” according to its announcement.

These functions are built to be adapted and integrated into any manufacturing environment, minimizing process change.

DataProphet PRESCRIBE is a "deep learning solution" that can prescribe optimal plant control parameters, frequently reducing the cost of non-quality by more than 50% percent, through a customized single model approach and taking into account higher order effects.

DataProphet INSPECT is a machine vision system that does not use template matching to detect defects but instead relies on established machine learning algorithms to flag manufacturing defects.

DataProphet TRANSFORM is an AI advisory and consulting service that supports digital transformation in manufacturing. Assists data-heavy manufacturers to discover insights and predictive capabilities hidden in their data to produce quantifiable results.

“DataProphet understands manufacturing. Our experts in digital transformation can take plant operations from zero to AI,” stated CTO Michael Grant. “We offer the most comprehensive machine learning solution and data science expertise in manufacturing for Industry 4.0.”

The DataProphet Artificial Intelligence Suite is available immediately and can be customized if required. Each module is offered as a standalone solution, or in combination, to create synergies and improve plant efficiency.
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