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The S-MAX Pro can achieve printing speeds of up to 135 l/h (or 18 sec/layer) and can 3D-print two full 1,800x1,000x700-mm job boxes, each with a volume of 1,260 L, in 24 hours.

New Industrial 3D Sand Printer

Aug. 27, 2019
S-MAX Pro offers speed, reliability, and precision for prototyping and industrial series production

THE EXONE COMPANY, supplier of binder-jet 3D printing systems recently introduced a new 3D printer for industrial sand, the S-MAX Pro™. According to the developer, the new printer’s speed, reliability and precision make it an excellent choice for both prototyping and industrial series production.

S-MAX Pro can achieve printing speeds of up to 135 l/h (18 sec/layer) and can therefore 3D print two full 1,800x1,000x700 (mm) job boxes, each with a volume of 1,260 L, in just 24 hours.

Other design features include a new, highly efficient printhead and a fully automated recoater.

The molding material can be replaced quickly and straightforwardly, making the S-MAX Pro ideal for the production of complex parts with various casting materials and the perfect 3D sand-printing solution for the digital foundry of the future, according to the developer.

The "box-in-box system" is designed to meet the market requirements for 24/7 operation, in fully automated, scalable production.

The control system includes cloud connectivity and Industry 4.0-integration capabilities. The inline process and digital machine monitoring make it a flexible and location-independent process, meaning that printing errors can be detected early and corrective action can be taken automatically.

“This is an exciting time for ExOne,” stated John Hartner, CEO. “With the recent release of our X1 25PRO 3D metal printer, and now the launch of our new S-MAX Pro™ 3D industrial sand printer, ExOne is delivering leading-edge 3D binder jetting technology solutions to a broad range of industries and applications around the world.”
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