Picum MT
The start-up company launched by the Institute for Manufacturing Technology and Machine Tools (IFW) at Leibniz University Hannover, offers a mobile system for large-component and complex machining on site.

Mobile Hybrid Machining for Tooling, Dies

Sept. 16, 2019
The accuracy of a machine tool, the flexibility of a robot and the mobility of a drilling machine.

PICUM MT, a start-up company, is introducing a lightweight and mobile system for tool-and-die machining and welding repairs. The system is designed to handle all necessary work directly on the component, including machining and build-up welding — for design revisions, tool adjustments, or repairs.

The compact system is based on conventional, five-axis serial kinematics. The machine is mounted on the workpiece and positioned over the machining point. Before processing starts, the system automatically detects the exact position and orientation of the workpiece in relation to the machine, and adapts an NC code to the current situation.

A quick-change system makes it easy to switch between machining processes, for example from build-up welding to milling.

The axial system is attached to the workpiece using an adaptive framework, ensuring maximum rigidity at low weight. Various compensation methods mean that Picum is able to achieve a level of precision that meets the highest toolmaking standards.

It can be repositioned easily to machine extremely large surfaces. Programming software is able to recognize the new situation and automatically transforms the NC code.

The compact Picum system can be transported to the deployment site in a small van, trailer, or airfreight container. Unlike transporting a very large tool or die, users benefit from lower transport costs and save a significant amount of time.

Picum MT combines the accuracy of a machine tool with the flexibility of a robot and the mobility of a drilling machine. Typical applications include large-part manufacturing for aerospace, automotive, energy technology, mechanical and plant engineering, shipbuilding, and process engineering.
Learn more at www.picum-mt.com