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Ametek Land Imageviewer

Real-Time Data Analysis, Control of Thermal Imaging

Oct. 22, 2019
Software can live-monitor and replay data for easy-to-use thermal-imaging processing

AMETEK LAND released two new software packages — ImageViewer and ImagePro — that include advanced tools for monitoring, controlling, analyzing and capturing data for thermal-imaging cameras and systems.

Free to download, the advanced ImageViewer software can live monitor and replay thermal-imaging data from AMETEK Land’s instruments. Designed specifically to operate with AMETEK Land’s thermal-imaging systems, the software provides an easy-to-use solution for thermal image processing, in combination with a Windows PC.

Suitable for single camera operation, ImageViewer provides real-time visualization that includes temperature analysis and record function. Additionally, users can view and analyze “offline” recorded data with the playback function.

Users also may identify 20 single-point regions of interest by using the rectangle, ellipse, or free-draw tools or two profile lines. Two profile line graphs and a trend graph can be produced.

ImagePro software helps control industrial processes as well as monitor, analyze and capture data from multiple thermal-imaging cameras. Available with a 30-day free trial, it provides a wide range of control and analytical functions for exceptional process control, including multiple free-defined regions of interest.

The software enables easy exchange of information using simple cross-platform Modbus TCP protocol, analogue signals and alarm output via I/O modules. It also includes three levels of user management, ranging from “view only” access to control over all imager settings.
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