BvL’s Niagara MO system is a two-tank machine with flood-spray cleaning and revolving wheel technology. Optional ultrasound cleaning is available, too.

Versatile, Compact Part Cleaning

Nov. 27, 2019
Multi-stage cleaning system is effective with baskets for small parts or individual components, including complex shapes

GERMAN MACHINE TOOLS OF AMERICA is offering BvL’s Niagara MO cleaning system — a two-tank machine equipped with a flood spray cleaning system and revolving wheel technology. Optional ultrasound cleaning ensures a high level of cleanliness.

Processing takes place in several steps: washing spray cleaning; flood cleaning; injection flood cleaning; and ultrasound cleaning. Subsequent steps may include demineralized water, drying with pneumatic pulse, hot air, circulating air, and vacuum with infrared support.

Additional options and supplements include drying systems, handling systems, increased cleaning performance and increased spray pressure, bath maintenance, and process reliability. Cascade guiding and floor drip trays are also available.

All processing steps are carried out in the chamber. The fully glazed door allows operators to view the washing process. Rotating the baskets or workpiece holders around the horizontal axes ensures thorough cleaning. In addition, bath monitoring can be applied to the washer.

Niagara’s cleaning technology includes a holding fixture that revolves or swivels around the horizontal axis. A special nozzle frame provides the best cleaning and nozzle/nozzle frames can be adapted to the workpiece. Maximum permitted load and the permitted dimensions are adjustable.

The smallest machine’s footprint is 60x400 mm. The Niagara MO is ideal for small parts in baskets or individual parts on workpiece holders. The system works well for workpieces with complex geometric shapes.
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