Automated Steel Sample Preparation

The HS-F 3000 milling machine is the first from HERZOG MASCHINENFABRIK that automatically deburs the samples after milling. Another new feature is its tool changing system, which makes the sample preparation process highly flexible for managing samples of different materials. “The machine makes a major contribution to cost cutting in the sample lab,” according to the developer, “as processing times are short and operation is fully automatic throughout the entire processing cycle.

Herzog’s HS-F 3000 3-axis milling machine comes with an entirely new design for use in automated laboratories. An important design feature is its automatic deburring of the samples after milling. With process sequences optimized, the machine can mill one sample in just about 30 seconds. As such, it is able to achieve throughput rates of up to 800 samples per day.

The machine has been designed to handle a wide and varied range of samples of materials occurring in the steel industry, from soft metals through to the hardest pig iron. The extremely sturdy spindle, which is supported in five bearings, ensures that even the hardest of materials can be processed with high precision and reproducibility.

The HS-F 3000 machine can process oval, square, round and double thickness samples.

The entire process cycle from feeding of the sample — by a robot or a human operator – through milling and deburring, and then to the removal of the sample,s takes place automatically. Milling chips are collected in a container and may be used for spectral analysis.

The automatic tool changing system, which has a magazine for up to six different tools, guarantees highly flexible sample processing. The control system selects the optimal milling cutter for the specific properties of each sample and places it into the spindle. Thus, the machine operates autonomously without any human intervention over long periods of time, even if samples of different materials need to be processed.

The integrated Simatic S7 PLC controller guarantees error-free processing of the most varied of samples. Up to 18 parameter-defined programs can be stored. Consequently, the samples are always milled with optimal cutting speeds and material removal rates. The control system also monitors the service times of the individual tools, indicating necessary tool changes and other due maintenance work on the touch panel.

When designing the HS-F 3000 sample milling machine, Herzog placed particular emphasis on the versatility of possible mechanical connections and the flexibility of software interfaces. Thus, the machine seamlessly integrates into Herzog’s robot-based and linear automation systems.

Like all other Herzog machines, the HS-F 3000 is extremely sturdy, guaranteeing high milling quality and contributing to the return on investment. The HS-F 3000 is hermetically sealed and noise insulated.


TAGS: Testing/QC
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