Bi-Directional Blasting Wheels

Bi-Directional Blasting Wheels

WHEELABRATOR's EzeFit familyof blasting wheels offers the latest technology in wheel design, reducing maintenance cost and improving productivity. One advantage of using bi-directional wheels (clockwise or counterclockwise) is lower parts inventory costs. Wheelabrator has capitalized on this advantage with a direct-drive design that offers standard or customized base mounting for increased versatility. Wheels are available in 3.5- or 2.5-in. blade widths. In order to meet any application, a variety of wheel diameters from 13 to 27 inches are offered with RPM versions ranging from 3,600 to 1,800. To ensure consistent control cage location no matter how many times the tune-up kits are changed, TargetLokcontrol cage positioning is now a standard feature on all EzeFit wheels. TargetTrak blast pattern adjustment is an available feature that allows for the efficient remote control of blast pattern targeting from the control panel.

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