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Centrifugal Filter Unit for Large Iron and Steel Castings

Centrifugal Filter Unit for Large Iron and Steel Castings

Foseco, which manufactures proprietary consumables for molten metal filtration for foundries worldwide, has added a new product to its HOLLOTEX series of running and gating system components — HOLLOTEX Centrifugal Filter Units (CFU). These highly engineered devices are used exclusively in the production of large iron and steel castings.

The new product involves a refractory centrifuge system that separates contaminants from liquid metal and resists chemical erosion, and STELEX filters that remove contaminants from liquid metal and reduce turbulence in the gating system. HOLLOTEX CFU products have been specifically designed to ensure consistent filter performance and to overcome the limitations involved with using multiple filter holders, such as inadequate filter support, unbalanced metal flow, velocity, and pressure and double inventory requirements for left and right spin units.

Among the benefits of applying HOLLOTEX CFU products Foseco lists a reduction in casting defects, rework and scrap; reduced machining allowances, cleaning and machining costs; castings that move through the cleaning room faster, reducing work in progress and shortening lead times; and increased casting quality and consistency.


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