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Synchor ERP Least Cost Mix module Synchro ERP
The new Least Cost Mix module allows foundries to define and implement an optimal blend of available and costed materials for each individual furnace charge.

ERP Adds Search Function, Costing Module

Modules for foundries, centrifugal casting, pressure and gravity diecasting, precision molding, investment casters, and lost-foam casting

SYNCHRO ERP is fully integrated, enterprise software suite designed to allow foundries and diecasters to maintain the specific and particular elements of their operation performing with flexibility and reliability. Functional modules are effective for iron, steel, and aluminum foundries; centrifugal casting; pressure and gravity diecasting; precision molding foundries; investment casters; and lost-foam casting foundries.

The software is developed to be intuitive and simple to use, and so reduces the need for training, and lessens implementation costs.

Recent updates to the platform include extended search screens that allow individual users to tailor the search criteria to fit their individual requirements; or supervisors and/or users to add and remove fields they wish to search against, to make finding relevant information faster and more convenient. Supervisors will have the ability to "lock-in" a company-wide search format.

Also new is a “Least Cost Mix" module that enables foundries to plan and execute their melts based on an optimal blend of available and costed materials, presenting the lowest total cost for delivering each individual charge to the stated specification.

The Least Cost Mix module has been fully developed in house: The algorithms coded into the software have been thoroughly bench-tested against world-class, leading independent software offering similar functionality. The resulting melt recommendations made by the various software were found to be very closely matched, if not better.

The Synchro ERP Least Cost Mix module may be used as a standalone function or in conjunction with the Furnace Control module.
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