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Flow Calibration Tubes for No-Bake Resins

Flow Calibration Tubes for No-Bake Resins

Palmer Mfg tubes

Palmer Manufacturing & Supply Inc. recently introduced a series of high-efficiency calibration tubes for accurate and precise calibration of no-bake resins. Palmer emphasizes that the tubes are highly accurate, safe to operate, and cost effective, as well as efficient: The make it unnecessary to use scales, buckets, and gloves in calibration, and liquid resins can be calibrated by a single operator in less than two minutes.

The heavy-duty sight glass gauge is easy to clean and available in three sizes — 0.5-liter, 5-liter, and 4-liter. Also, the devices are compatible with a wide range of materials.

Palmer Manufacturing specializes in production and engineering of heavy-duty equipment for no-bake molding, including sand mixers, molding machinery and components, core room equipment, shake-out reclamation, knock-out equipment, and mold handlers. It also offers bulk storage and handling equipment, pumping systems, resin heating systems, sand conditioning, compaction tables, and mold and core coating equipment. Complete systems and engineering services are offered, too.

Among the notable design features of the new resin calibration tubes: they are a “zero-loss” system that calibrates continuous mixers, with no waste of binder chemicals; and they measure actual binders flow to the mixer, neatly and efficiently. There is no operator contact with the resins, and the measuring process is highly accurate.

“Palmer Flow Calibration Tubes were designed to reduce labor costs, as calibration can easily be performed during mold and core making process, eliminating lost production time due to calibration,” explains Palmer Manufacturing & Supply president Jack Palmer. “This precise and repeatable flow calibration system is by far the easiest and therefore quickest of all to calibrate.”

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