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Enviroset 3D Jet Resin sand core HA Intl.
Enviroset 3D Jet Resin is a thermosetting furan resin that achieves low viscosity and high-tensile strength in treated sand.

Furan Resin for 3DP Cores and Molds

No-nitrogen, low in water, thermosetting, non-reportable formaldehyde and phenol formulation

HA INTERNATIONAL LLC recently introduced Enviroset 3D Jet Resin, a low-viscosity thermosetting furan resin that has been specially manufactured for use in all 3D printers, for forming sand cores and molds. It is suitable for use with all types of metal. 

As noted by the developer, this furan resin contains no nitrogen; is a low-water, non-reportable formaldehyde and phenol formulation. It achieves low viscosity and high-tensile strength in the treated sand.

Among the benefits attributed to Enviroset 3D Jet Resin are increased productivity in performance, as the resin helps 3D printer heads to last longer; reduced labor requirements, as the printed molds and cores may be cleaned more quickly; and lower overall operating cost, as the new formulation is less expensive than comparable products.

“As foundries move toward 3D printing they will appreciate a more productive resin at less cost,” according to HA International president Michael Feehan. “Additionally, this low-odor resin can be used in all 3D sand printers to produce castings made with all alloys.”
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