Low-Cost Air Filtration

Low-Cost Air Filtration

No compressed air, smaller filters than typically used in baghouse installations

Clyde Process Solutions
Schenck’s new line of pneumatic air-filtration products are the result of its acquisition of Clyde Process Solutions.

SCHENCK PROCESS — known for designing weighing and feeding systems — has expanded its range of product lines to include air-filtration technology, following its acquisition of 2011 Clyde Process Solutions, a supplier of air filtration, pneumatic conveying, and injection technologies. Schenck’s new MCF filter system is adaptable for various uses, including heavy industrial plants.

The design benefits of the system include its circular casing, which makes the MCF extremely robust and easy to install. Improved bag cleaning means that it can operate with smaller filters than normal are used. Also, the MCF doesn't use compressed air, so valuable plant air is freed up for other applications. The MCF can handle air-flows from 20 000 m3 to around 300 000 m3 per hour.

In addition, the developer promises operating cost savings. The MCF is fitted with just two diaphragm valves and the filter can be changed with no need for any tools. Both of these features help to reduce maintenance costs and downtime considerably. In all, the MCF system operators may expect significantly reduced costs compared with many standard systems thanks to the index cleaning mechanism's medium-pressure blower cleaning.

Visit www.schenckprocess.com.

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