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New Automatic Grinding Series

Nov. 2, 2021
The MAUS 600 five-axis NC grinding centers provide high flexibility for casting finishing, plus economic efficiency, in a compact, standardized housing.

REICHMANN & SON LTD., which acquired the intellectual property of MAUS earlier this year, has combined the technical know-how and experience of both companies in a new product line: the MAUS 600 grinding center is described as "reliable and robust mechanical engineering … with a high level of process know-how … high flexibility and economic efficiency in a compact, standardized housing."

“The aim of the development of the new MAUS 600 product line was to offer foundries an easy entry from manual to automatic casting cleaning and to optimize processes for greater profitability. The new MAUS 600 is a modern, standard five-axis NC machine especially for small to medium lot sizes or linked solutions that sets new standards in automatic grinding,” stated Rafael Dineiger, international sales manager in the Reichmann Casting Finishing division.

The compact casting finishing center processes a wide range of cast parts made of iron, steel, brass, copper, or aluminum, in a very small footprint. The machine can be transported on a truck or in a container and conveniently brought to the installation site by forklift.

With the help of pre-installed function favorites, programming is simplified. Even complex machining programs can be created and set up directly in the work area in a short time without any prior knowledge. The Windows 10-based control can be operated intuitively and offers the best conditions for diagnosis, support, and networking. With the modern, IIoT-capable user interface, data can be collected, evaluated and integrated in order to identify possible downtimes at an early stage and to plan ahead in a targeted manner. This increases productivity and lowers costs.

In order not to waste time for product set-up times, the new MAUS 600 has a standardized device interface. Users can build a suitable fixture in a very short time, and the machine can be used flexibly and economically for various cast parts, even with small batch sizes.

Machines with pallet changers automatically select the right machining program for different cast parts in mixed operation. Despite the pallet changer, users only need one fixture per casting, saving time and money. Various adapted spindle powers ensure high energy efficiency and reduced cycle times during machining.

The MAUS 600 product line consists of three machine variants. With the door variants, Reichmann is able to offer ergonomic loading directly on the machine. Compared to the light barrier variant, this saves the operator having to step back and forth for loading and unloading.

The control panel remains within easy reach for programming and operation. Learn more at or