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More Options for Efficient Aluminum Melting

Nov. 10, 2015
StrikoWestofen introduced a series of technologies that augment aluminum melting safety and productivity.

With a series of new offerings, StrikoWestofen promises to help foundries and diecasters improve product quality, occupational safety, and process efficiency

Melting and handling molten aluminum is a demanding process that becomes more demanding — in terms of operator safety, metal quality, and operating cost — as metal volumes increase. And it is in the context of higher-volume production that StrikoWestofen introduced a series of technologies recently, products and systems meant to augment safety standards and productivity while helping foundries and diecasters address the challenge of producing larger volumes, larger products, and castings with complex designs and thin-wall structures.

The new “StrikoMelter BigStruc” remelting furnace can process extremely thin-walled material as well as bulky, large-volume material charges, with minimal metal loss and low energy consumption.

The latest dosing furnace option from StrikoWestofen is the “Westomat Plus+” with new technology and a system design it calls “extraordinary”.

The pneumatic filling system called “Schnorkle” allows safe, enclosed, temperature-stable transport of liquid metal.

And, modern porous burner technology guarantees measurable savings for the new gas crucible furnaces.

The continuing trend toward lightweight design increases demand for cast aluminum parts, and that rising demand puts pressure on production processes too. In addition to new equipment and systems, StrikoWestofen offers retrofits to raise installed equipment up to the latest standards in terms of efficiency. Besides optimization using hot gas baffles and lasers to monitor the filling level in the shaft, an automatic tapping valve and a triple bath filling level monitoring system ensure improved operational and occupational safety. Also, refractory relining in OEM quality can reduce the consumption of natural gas by up to 40 percent as well as improving melting performance and melting process. The overhaul and replacement of charging devices also optimizes the procedures and increases the melting performance. In addition, StrikoWestofen has expanded its range of seminars and training courses in order to show staff the optimum way of operating not only state-of-the-art technology but also long-established technology.