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Blast Wheels Designed for Higher Productivity

Feb. 3, 2018
Wheelabrator EZX developed to decrease process time and reduce handling, maintenance, operating cost

WHEELABRATOR is introducing a new-design blast wheel for heavy-duty cleaning of castings. The EZX blast wheel follows the earlier EZEFIT® wheel, and incorporates several design features that metalcasters will find supports efforts to increase productivity while reducing handling and maintenance, and operating cost.

The direct-drive wheels have a power range of 25-75HP and a frequency of 60 Hz. Wheels have a diameter of 16 in., and are fitted with 3.5-in. wide blades. Currently available in 35EZX160; further sizes will be introduced in the coming months.

EZX blast wheels can be installed and retrofitted to various types of blasting systems, including tumblast, table, hanger-type, horizontal belt, plate, and wire mesh belt machines.

“We recognize that uptime and ease-of-maintenance are often major concerns for foundries,” explained Shawn Horton, Wheelabrator director of product development. “With EZX, we have used the latest R&D findings and knowledge drawn from the largest install base in the industry to address these concerns to design the next generation of blast wheel technology for demanding heavy-duty applications.”

Systematic testing of impeller designs and intensive research resulted in an optimized impeller geometry, developed to minimize shot loss and smooth the journey of the abrasive inside the wheel.

Additionally, the EZX impeller is designed to reduce abrasive consumption without compromising performance. The thicker blades last longer than previous models, and are assembled quickly and easily.

A double-sided bare wheel offers dynamic balancing, using internal weights to reduce time lost in maintenance. The control cage’s inner diameter and back face are machine for proper seating, and to center the parts in process. A precision machined hub seal promotes proper alignment, and keeps abrasive from escaping between the housing and motor interface.

“EZX features significant blade life improvements and test results show a 30% increase in operational lifespan over and above EZEFIT in the same application,” according to Horton. “By working with Wheelabrator to implement a focused maintenance program, foundries can expect blade life to be increased further, unlocking considerable savings.”
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