Laser Alignment Device for Refractory Installation

June 3, 2019
Three-part system promotes longer brick life, minimized downtime, and reduced mechanical stress

BRICKING SOLUTIONS, suppliers of refractory installation equipment, is offering the Radialign laser alignment device for accurate radial alignment during refractory installation, for longer brick life, minimized downtime, and reduced mechanical stress on the furnace. The Radialign is part of a full-service product offering for refractory maintenance.

“The key to efficient refractory maintenance is making sure it’s done right the first time,” said Heather Harding, Bricking Solutions managing director. “Bricking Solutions’ tools ensure accuracy and efficiency for refractory installation. Radialign helps masons to achieve highly accurate measurements in less time than the plumb line method, as well as to ensure the quality of their work as they move forward, for long-lasting results.”

The Radialign replaces traditional practice of using radial welds and a plumb line to determine alignment — a time-consuming method with a high risk of calculation errors due to distorted or worn away weld seams. The Radialign produces a continuous laser light parallel to the furnace’s axis that is intercepted by a rotating pentaprism device. The laser is refracted perpendicularly onto the circumference of the furnace shell, allowing masons to mark accurately along the furnace before beginning refractory work and creating an exact reference for installation.

The precision of the Radialign’s laser and pentaprism allows exact placement of each row of brick to be perpendicular to the furnace, reducing wear and extending brick life. The laser system can be assembled and ready for use in 20 minutes, so masons can mark over 100 feet (30 meters) of furnace shell in less than an hour, significantly reducing downtime required by other methods. Additionally, the Radialign allows masons to project a display on the chamber surface every 5 to 10 feet (1.5 to 3 meters) for more accurate marking, compared to the variable spacing between radial welds.

In some cases, the Radialign’s accuracy has identified improperly installed retaining rings that contributed to less efficient refractory installation.

The Radialign laser alignment device is comprised of three parts:  the laser assembly, pentaprism assembly, and plumb bob assembly. The laser Class IIIA has an effective range of 500 feet (150 meters) and is ideal for new refractory installation in furnace chambers 10 feet (3 meters) and larger. It comes with a durable transport box to keep the laser safe and ensure continued accuracy. The case also contains laser safety goggles, marking card and chalk, rechargeable batteries for both the laser and pentaprism assemblies and an A/C adapter.

The Radialign laser alignment device is covered by a one-year limited warranty.
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