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Stronghold Coatings Dichtol 1525 comparison Stronghold Coatings
A magnified view compares the penetrating effect of Dichtol 1525 (left) with a competing water-based sealant product (right). Dichtol 1525 penetrates up to 0.004 in., as shown in the this magnified view, (left) with a competing water-based sealant product (right).

Modified, Water-Based Polymeric Capillary Sealer

Dichtol 1525 solvent-free formula suitable for confined spaces; approved for military applications

STRONGHOLD COATING SYSTEMS’ Dichtol 1525, a modified water-based polymeric capillary sealer for castings and composites, has been approved for military applications. Four NIIN numbers were issued, corresponding to package sizes, from pint-sized containers to five-gallon containers.

With no solvents, this formulation is recommended for confined space applications. It impregnates micropores and hairline cracks without vacuum or pressure, forming a protective barrier to gasses and liquids that is invisible when cured. Dichtol 1525 penetrates up to 0.004 in. into the coating to prevent corrosion of the metal substrate.

Pressure resistant to 8700 psi, and temperature resistant to 932°F, this product is suitable for castings, cables, composite materials, and more.

Applicable by dipping, brushing, injection, or pump sprayer, Dichtol 1525 dries in minutes and cures at ambient temperature. It will significantly increase machinability and dampen vibration, according to the developer, enhancing the utility of treated components of all types of metals.

Stronghold Coating Systems is the exclusive North American supplier of DIAMANT products for structural repair for critical applications. Dichtol was developed by DIAMANT and is manufactured by Stronghold in the U.S.
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