New Analyzer Controls Nitrides in Steel

New Analyzer Controls Nitrides in Steel

Plasma Emission Detector

By adopting advanced Plasma Emission Detector technology to deliver exceptionally accurate measurement of N2 in pure O2, the Servomex SERVOPRO Chroma trace gas analyzer is able to control of nitride development in molten steel.

Controlling the level of N2 in pure O2 used in the steelmaking process has a direct effect on the quality of the steel produced. While the presence of some nitrides in the finished products may be preferred, too much N2 generates a surplus of nitrides which adversely affects the properties of the steel. If the N2 level exceeds 400 ppm, a range of inconsistent mechanical properties may be present, including embrittlement of the heat affected zone of welded steels, poor cold formability, potential effects on strain aging and reduced ductability of cold rolled and annealed steels.

Servomex’s advanced plasma emission detector technology enables the SERVOPRO Chroma to deliver a highly selective measurement of N2 before the O2 is fed during oxygen (BOF) steelmaking process. The Chroma’s detectors and filter ensure an exceptionally accurate and stable measurement when compared to other techniques, making it the most reliable analyzer technology for evaluating N2 in ppm levels.

The Chroma is designed for easy operation with integrated software that improves on the Chroma’s predecessor, the KA k4000, to offer full access to all functions, measurements and system status via an intuitive user interface. With no separate data handling equipment or software required to quantify peak data, this ease of use is complemented by a comprehensive range of communication options. Individual 4-20 mA outputs are available for each measurement while improved Ethernet and internet connectivity enables the Chroma to be remotely monitored via a network or an internet browser.


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