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New FLOW-3D Release has Enhanced CFD Capabilities

A new, distributed-memory version of the FLOW-3D computational fluid dynamics software, FLOW-3D/MP has been released, FLOW-3D/MP Version 4.1. Flow Science Inc. said that the new program is being shipped to customers under maintenance contracts.

The developer explains that its new release offers substantial performance improvements — up to 40x on 64-core processors — so FLOW-3D/MP users are able to run larger and faster simulations than before. Version 4.1 includes a variety of subroutines in FORTRAN source form that allow users to customize FLOW-3D/MP. Users can customize boundary conditions or add their own models to meet their unique CFD modeling requirements. The ability to post-process results from serial and parallel versions of FLOW-3D has been integrated into FLOW-3D/MP 4.1. The physical models and numerical methods of FLOW-3D/MP v4.1 are based on FLOW-3D v9.4.2.

FLOW-3D/MP, first released in 2006, uses multi-block methodology to decompose the computational domain into blocks, which are then distributed among the nodes in a cluster. FLOW-3D/MP v4.1 has been tested extensively on both Windows Server 2008 and Linux systems (RHEL 4 & 5 and SUSE 10 &11).


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