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New Grinding Center with Programming Station

New Grinding Center with Programming Station

Powerful, high-volume machining capability introduced

SAM 600G
Hunter Automated Machinery held an open house to introduce North American foundries to the SAM 600G, a new grinding center developed by Maus SpA, one of Hunter’s machinery partners.

Hunter Automated Machinery has introduced to North America a new CNC grinding center for high-volume processing of cast products. The SAM 600G is the latest automatic grinding center developed by Hunter’s machinery partner, MAUS SpA, and already in place at several foundries that produce automotive components.

The SAM 600G is a fully automated grinding center with four-tool capacity for multiple machining tasks. It is a compact installation, but fitted with a rotary turntable for efficient handling of large and heavy parts, and capable of quick loading/unloading as well as grinding sequences. Multi-spindle grinding is programmable for cutting off risers and gating, as well as surface and internal grinding.

The new machine processes parts weighing up to 440 lb (200 kg), with a work area of up to 20 in. (520 mm) and a swing of 27.5 in. (700 mm.)

Maus also provides machine programming with data recording, driven by Siemens CNC automation controls. A programming station allows operators to conduct all set-up offline with an intuitive interface that contributes significantly to timesavings and reduces machine downtime.

The SAM 600G is part of a series of grinding machines Maus develops for safe, flexible, and continuous processing of cast products. Installations are scaled to the operation according to size and application (jobbing foundries, riser cutting/grinding, etc.)


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