Palletizing and Order-Picking Robotics

Palletizing and Order-Picking Robotics

KUKA's KR180 PA robot is designed especially for high-speed tasks with heavy payloads. The robot's arm is made of carbon-fiber composite materials, which makes it extremely light, without sacrificing stiffness and its FEM-optimized kinematics have been adapted for palletizing. The KR 180 PA is a four-axis robot with a 3,200-mm reach and capable of handling a payload up to 180 kg. The KR 40 PA robot arm is made of carbon-fiber composite materials, capable of handling up to a 40-kg payload, and has a 2,091 mm reach. Its unique work envelope allows it to be used in high-speed conveyor-tracking material handling applications as well as homogeneous and mixed palletizing applications.

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