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Precision Positioning System

Precision Positioning System

PEPPERL+FUCHS' WCS2A/WCS3A PosiTrak position tracking system brings fraction -of-a-millimeter position feedback to a number of industrial and commercial applications, such as overhead monorails, gantry cranes, warehouse automation, galvanizing processors, conveyors, and others. It consists of three basic components: a U-shaped read head; code rail and support hardware; and network and control interfaces. The read head optically scans a uniquely coded rail to determine a carrier mechanism's position. An internal microprocessor translates a 48 sender/receiver LED array status into a 19-bit code, providing 0.8 mm positional resolution over travel distances to 1,070 ft. The code rail is avaiable in either fiber-laminate or stainless steel materials to satisfy various application conditions, providing a unique positional code every 0.8 mm of read head travel. All rail types can be horizontally curved with no affect on the read head's accuracy. (Fiber-laminate rails also may be flexed for vertical bends.)

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