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MAUS NA standard aluminum grinding cell MAUS N.A.
The high-throughput work cell consists of milling cutters, a saw, and sanding belt to produce finished parts quickly and consistently.

Robotic Grinding Cell for Aluminum Castings

Affordable and portable, "plug and play" installation for nonferrous foundries

MAUS North America is introducing a robotized grinding work cell that offers producers of aluminum castings the advantages already available to the ferrous foundry sector for more than three decades. It will provide affordable automatic grinding technology for nonferrous foundries worldwide.

The Standard Robotic Aluminum Grinding Cell is a portable and modular, 4,500-lb. unit that can be moved anywhere in the foundry with a forklift, and available for use in a “plug and play” method.

The new work cell is capable of finishing parts up to 10 Kg (22 lbs.) with a maximum part dimension of 400x400x200 mm (15.8x15.8x7.4 in.)  It has a compact cell foot print of 2,250x4,500 mm (88x177 in.)

The work cell is comprised of milling cutters, saw, and sanding belt to produce finished parts quickly and consistently.

MAUS continues to provide both standard and customized CNC and robotic automatic grinding solutions, core shooters, and foundry automation in the cleaning room, core room and molding areas, as well as high-production-volume vertical lathes.
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