Robotic Shot-Peening for Turbine Blade Roots

Robotic Shot-Peening for Turbine Blade Roots

Guyson Corp.'s Model RB-9 is a seven-axis robotic blasting system that is specially adapted for metallurgical shot peening of the root section of turbine blades.

seven-axis robotic shot-peening system

Guyson’s seven-axis robotic shot-peening system has a cabinet that includes a jib crane for loading heavy industrial turbine components.

Guyson Corp. has engineered and built a seven-axis robotic blasting system that is specially adapted for metallurgical shot peening of the root section of turbine blades. The Model RB-9 shot peener accommodates industrial gas turbine blades up to 36 in. long and weighing more than 100 lb.

The machine’s 48 x 48 x 48-in. cabinet is fabricated in 0.25-0.50-in. steel plate, with bonded-rubber lining for noise abatement and protection against potential warping effects of continuous exposure to the high-velocity impact of the peening shot. An electrically operated jib hoist is mounted on the roof of the cabinet for safe and convenient loading and unloading of heavy components.

One wall of the blasting cabinet has an opening for an industrial robot, to function as a 6-axis peening nozzle manipulator. A customized laminated fabric “skirt” seals the chamber wall and isolates the arm from the effects of shot-blasting. To orient the turbine blade with precision throughout the controlled-impact treatment process, a servomotor-driven turntable (up to 42 inches in diameter) is synchronized as a seventh axis of coordinated robotic motion.

Shot delivery and reclamation systems for the RB-9 peening machine include features that ensure a controlled, repeatable surface-enhancement process. In addition to cyclone separation of dust or fine particles and vibratory screen classification to remove shot that is larger or smaller than the specified size, the engineered reclaim stack-up has a spiral separator to take non-spherical media out of circulation. Shot-supply level sensors and automatic media replenishment is provided, too.

An automatically recharged, 6.5-ft3 pressure vessel is fitted with an electronic shot-flow monitor and controller that continuously displays the calibrated, real-time shot flow rate at the HMI, in pounds or kilograms per minute. If necessary, it may include closed-loop controls to maintain the blast air pressure and shot flow at specified levels. A package of SCADA controls is available to acquire and log data that verifies all critical shot-peening process parameters to comply with documentation requirements.

For more information, visit Guyson Corp.

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