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Spiral-Bottom Parts-Finishing Machine

Spiral-Bottom Parts-Finishing Machine

spiral-bottom round-bowl finishing machines

The SBB-24 is the newest entry in ALMCO INC.’s line of spiral-bottom round-bowl finishing machines, and presents a series of features that are unavailable in other machines.

For example, a full-circle baffle keeps parts constantly in the media mass, so processing is faster and more precise. The machine has a new, energy-efficient and labor-saving design that automatically separates parts from the abrasive media, and a separating screen surface that is longer than other round-bowl designs — so parts separation and machine unloading are faster.

The 24-cubic-foot tub can accommodate large and small parts, which can be lifted over the separating dam without jamming or hitting each other on the screen. Larger parts can be lifted because of the machine’s spiral-bottom design has an up-hill tub bottom that provides a larger rolling mass right to the screen area.

A 20-hp drive motor powers the ALMCO SBB-24. It has a 17-inch diameter tub cross-section, an overall diameter of 73 inches, and a machine height of 52 inches. Overall dimensions are 96 inches long, including the electrical control box, and 82 inches wide.

ALMCO offers a “Total Service Concept,” which includes process development and guarantee, correct equipment selection with custom design if needed, and media and compound recommendations. And, it provides complete equipment setup and run-off prior to shipment, plus equipment installation and operator training at the customer’s facility.


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