User-Friendly Hydraulic Wedges for Cleaning Castings

User-Friendly Hydraulic Wedges for Cleaning Castings

The casting to be cleaned is suspended from a balancer, so the hydraulic tool operator has the greatest freedom of movement and access to the workpiece.

HOLMATRO, a manufacturer of hydraulic tools for industrial and other applications, has a new series of hydraulic wedges it promotes for cleaning risers and feeders from castings that have been removed from their molds.

Removing excess metal formations like risers and feeders from castings is very often a manual task, and a difficult one to perform efficiently with standard hand tools. Holmatro has developed a new series of hydraulic foundry wedges that are all easy to handle and position. “Wedging with these tools reduces the physical exertion and it increases the productivity, without damaging the castings,” the developer states.

The new series of hydraulic foundry wedges is the result from research that Holmatro conducted at a large foundry in Germany. During this research, the casting to be cleaned was suspended from a balancer for close examination. This allows the operator, standing behind the tool, has the greatest freedom of movement when the hydraulic hoses are arranged in the middle, on top of the tool. This positioning also ensures that the roll-over-point of the tool lies forward. As a result, the wedge can be tipped over easily and rotated in every direction with no need to reposition the casting first. These results have lead to Holmatro’s new series of hydraulic foundry wedges.

Other features of the hydraulic wedge are its “pistol” control grip, high operating speed, durable wedge blades, and quick (30-second) blade replacement.

With the introduction of the new generation hydraulic foundry wedges Holmatro is in the lead in terms of ergonomics and quality.

Holmatro has been designing, developing, and manufacturing hydraulic tools for more than 40 years, and it has business units that supply Rescue and Marine products, in addition to its Industrial product line. It has manufacturing plants in Raamsdonksveer, The Netherlands and Glen Burnie, MD, and offices and distributors worldwide. “Strategy, products and services are aimed at helping clients to succeed in mastering the power they need,” according to Holmatro. “Developing hydraulic foundry wedges that help to reduce the physical demands fits perfectly in this philosophy.”


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