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Cloud-based Foundry Artificial Intelligence

May 25, 2020
Monitizer software service applies predictive analytics to evaluate entire foundry processes, plus EES for dynamic, real-time control of casting operations to meet quality-control targets.

NORICAN GLOBAL A/S, launched Monitizer | Prescribe, an Artificial Intelligence (AI) service that optimizes production and reduces scrap in real-life foundry environments. The AI software applies sophisticated predictive analytics to evaluate entire foundry processes, not just sub-processes. It pinpoints the complex root causes at the heart of most process challenges and calculates the optimal machine and raw material settings for every casting to avoid defects.

Monitizer | Prescribe is also an Industry 4.0 Expert Execution System (EES), giving foundries precise dynamic control for casting operations, delivering real-time machine settings, and other recommendations to keep quality exactly on track as well as increasing capacity and production predictability. It can supervise fully automatic operation of cells and entire lines.

Monitizer | Prescribe is delivered as a cloud-based service and can be deployed quickly with no need for new hardware or in-house data scientists. It's the newest and most sophisticated member of Norican’s modular Monitizer suite, which supports data collection, process automation, data visualization, reporting and analysis.

“Monitizer | Prescribe is a huge step forward in digital transformation for foundries,” according to Anders Wilhjelm, CEO of Norican Group. “It leverages the computing power of the cloud to analyze very large, complex sets of data and translate them into simple advice. This powerful and practical AI service gives expert advice every time, solving real operational issues and solving them quickly – not after years of system development. Monitizer | Prescribe will rapidly deliver significant gains for our customers.”

Monitizer | Prescribe is the first result of Norican’s industry-exclusive partnership with DataProphet, a developer of artificial intelligence (AI) for manufacturing. The technology has been proven in several projects carried out over the past year by DataProphet and DISA, the Norican-brand supplier of green sand foundry technology. One project for a South African iron foundry reduced defects by 50% in the first month and achieved 0% external defects for three months, saving over $100,000 every month.

“Norican’s brands understand how to help foundries turn their data into value,” stated Anders. “They can see where to look first for improvements, which data to collect and how to understand what it tells you, then swiftly apply that learning to minimize defects, scrap rates and downtime. Whether a foundry is already data-savvy or just starting out, Monitizer | Prescribe and the rest of the Monitizer suite help them take the next step in their digital journey.”

Monitizer | Prescribe will be available initially from DISA for green-sand applications and from Italpresse Gauss for diecasting. As an equipment-agnostic service, it will work with solutions from other Norican brands — StrikoWestofen for furnace technology and Wheelabrator for surface preparation — and with equipment from other suppliers.

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