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Assisted-Reality Wearable Computer

June 15, 2021
Integrated software and head-mounted device provides clear and stable video performance for workers who need hands-free access for visual communications and information.

IMINT IMAGE INTELLIGENCE ABs Vidhance software is now integrated with and its partner RealWear Inc.’s HMT-1 voice-controlled reality-connected devices, providing clear and stable video performance for workers who need hands-free access for visual communications and information. According to CEO Andreas Lifvendahl: “Imint’s Vidhance video enhancement software, together with RealWear’s advanced technology, ensures optimal video performance for both recording procedures and real-time viewing by a remote expert.”

RealWear’s Assisted-Reality  device support safe, hands-free work for front-line jobs in manufacturing, oil-and-gas, utilities and other industries. The HMT-1 voice-enabled solution gives workers real-time access to documents, workflows, visual data, and remote experts, while on the job.

Remote mentoring on RealWear’s Assisted-Reality , hands-free platform works through certified voice-enabled apps such as Microsoft Teams, Cisco WebEx Expert on Demand, Zoom, or other purpose-built software. The HMT-1 allows remote technicians to “see” what frontline workers see while maintaining a safe distance during the pandemic, or by bringing their expertise to bear without incurring travel costs. However, doing so effectively requires stable, high-quality video processing.

To achieve this, RealWear is leveraging Imint’s Vidhance video optimization software, which is included in Release 12 of the HMT firmware update, which became available March 2021. Specifically, RealWear Release 12 will incorporate Imint’s Vidhance Video Stabilization and Vidhance Dynamic Blur Reduction, two technologies that intelligently compensate for camera movement to deliver the most stable video possible, especially in low-light environments.

“By integrating Vidhance into our firmware it’s helping take remote-mentoring to the next level,” according to RealWear CTO Dr. Chris Parkinson. “Through our early access program, we’ve already received very positive feedback about the stable video experience.”

The cumulative effect of Imint’s Vidhance software algorithms on the HMT platform is video that is significantly more stable, balanced, and clear – ensuring that professionals receiving a feed from an HMT headset have the highest-quality picture possible of the situation and can take decisive action. Learn more at