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Contract Placed for AMC Research Program

May 13, 2010
Superior Weapons Systems through Castings aims for predictive tools, redesign components, and better critical part geometries
A private research agency has been granted a three-year contract to conduct the Superior Weapons Systems through Castings program, an effort by the American Metalcasting Consortium (AMC). The Advanced Technology Institute (ATI) is a nonprofit research group that took the three-year, $5.2-million contract from Benet Laboratories, a U.S. Army R&D and engineering center in Watervliet, NY. ATI works in various consortiums in support of manufacturing, aerospace, automotive, maritime, metals, and health care research. The AMC is an R&D partnership of ATI (the program manager and consortium leader), American Foundry Society, Non-Ferrous Founders Society, North American Die Casting Assn., and Steel Founders’ Society of America, which supports the U.S. Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) to source metalcastings to ensure warfighter readiness. “The Superior Weapons Systems through Castings program will develop and incorporate innovative casting technologies and processes for improvements in quality, weight savings, and procurement times to improve the performance of Army systems,” according to ATI president Rick Self. The program will develop more suitable materials for service conditions, improve industry predictive tools, redesign components and enhance the geometries of critical parts.