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Comprehensive Simulation for Sustainable Casting

Aug. 27, 2012
Designers, production planners forecast, adjust dynamic processes Customize environmental and economic solutions according foundries’ process parameters

While it’s recognized for its portfolio for foundry chemical products, ASK Chemicals also has extensive expertise in casting process simulation. Now, the supplier is offering those capabilities to foundries as a comprehensive service program, giving them the potential to optimize environmental and economic results for various stages of metalcasting.

Early application of casting process simulation is critical for foundries striving to achieve sustainability standards.Simulations allow the designers and production planners to depict and adjust dynamic processes, and to make improvements during planning as well as in live operation.ASK Chemicals’ simulation service is designed for all process-oriented foundries. It delivers custom concepts that provide environmental and economic solutions, precisely tuned to foundries’ process parameters.

Using state-of-the-art computer technology, the application engineering for the customer analyzes and simulates processes such as core shooting, core gassing and dehydration, along with mold filling and solidification.“This allows us to develop a secure foundation for risk-free production decisions in the casting process,” according to Andrè Gerhards, project manager, Technical Assistance and Simulation.ASK Chemicals expertise about foundry processes offers numerable advantages.

Simulation makes it possible to establish a precise record of the quality of a finished casting before production begins.Virtual prototypes created allow foundries to reduce their product development costs, shorten preparation times, and enhance product quality.