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Messe Dusseldorf
Rösler Oberflächentechnik GmbH
SYSCON International
The MT Focus Adapter/Agent Module is a four-in-one machine monitoring tool: It translates, collects and stores data from the machine tool and makes the data available through http addressing. Its small footprint (5.875x2.750Wx4.375 in./LxWxH) makes it easy to install on a machine or in the control cabinet.

Simplified Machine Monitoring

Jan. 12, 2013
Adapter/Agent Module collects, stores, translates and displays machine data Tiered software options for amount, type of data to be extracted

SYSCON International introduced the MT Focus® monitoring system for new or ‘legacy’ machine tools. MT Focus connects machines through the universal language of the Internet, so a manufacturer can view machine performance and make decisions according to accurate data, crucial alerts, current production information and preventative maintenance trends. These insights into plant operations can be used to improve manufacturing processes and drive innovation throughout the organization.

The heart of the MT Focus product line is its Adapter/Agent Module—a four-in-one machine-monitoring tool that collects, stores, translates and displays machine status and performance data. Collected data can be viewed as web-based screenshots on smart devices such as SmartPhones, iPads, PCs and shop floor monitors (no need for external host/client computers), or provided as real-time MTConnect protocol that can be used by third-party applications.

MT Focus delivers these benefits at minimal expense, with little or no disruption to existing manufacturing efforts.

"MT Focus addresses the challenges that the average machine shop faces," stated Don Hemler, MT Focus product manager. "One day of planning and one day to install and make operational should be sufficient per machine. A maintenance technician can do the installation under the direction of a facilities or manufacturing engineer, and setup/configuration are easily accomplished via menu-driven browser pages."

An MT Focus Adapter/Agent Module costs only $695, and each machine requires its own module. MTConnect®, an open, royalty-free communication standard that uses Web-based communications technology to link machines and systems together, comes standard in all modules.

MT Focus also offers low-cost licensing of four tiered software options that allow users to choose the amount and type of data to be extracted from their machines. MT Focus hardware options, like the local data collection hubs, HMIs and wireless bridges, further expand the product's functionality. 

Despite its simple installation process and economical pricing structure, MT Focus is flexible and robust enough to handle small machine groupings or large plants with multiple facilities, located around the world. MT Focus can even integrate the plant floor into the company's ERP system, providing historical data that can be used as a benchmark for continuous improvement. Some of the machine information provided by the module includes:

• Actual vs. targeted performance values (OEE, spindle utilization, average cycle times);

• Production data (good/reject part counts);

• I/O status and counts (with e-mail alerts);

• Job time accumulators (in cycle at rate, in cycle slow, idle, down);

• Machine data summary;

• Current and next job data.

Email alerts, provided by the module, include slow cycle time, machine down, job started, job completed, and multiple count-activated input events.