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The Odyssey Flask Master function presents all available flasks, and inventory for each, so production planners can schedule individual flasks or flask types, with visibility into conflicts and availability.

New ERP Update Adds Flask Management

March 9, 2018
Odyssey 5.0 MR5 allows production planners to add shop orders to a daily plan and assign flasks to each shop order.

B&L INFORMATION SYSTEMS issued a new maintenance release for its Odyssey enterprise resource planning software, incorporating a new feature designed by B&L researchers specifically for metalcasting operations, the Odyssey Flask Planner.

Odyssey is an enterprise-resource planning product developed specifically for foundries, diecasters, and investment casters, and designed to give everyone in such organizations the necessary information to complete jobs on time and on budget. The platform has modules that meet the specific needs of metalcasting's major functions — manufacturing, sales, inventory, quality control, finance, and data analytics —so information can be shared and received by everyone in the organization.

The new Odyssey Flask Planner allows production planners to add shop orders to a daily plan and assign flasks to each shop order. If flasks are the biggest constraint when planning a molding operation, this new planning option can be used in place Odyssey Heat Planner or Odyssey Shop Planner.

The Flask Master table, part of the Flask Planner, allows all available flasks and inventory for each to be entered into the Flask planner for scheduling of individual flask or flask types with visibility into conflicts and availability.

In total, there are more than 200 enhancements to Odyssey 5.0 MR5. Enhancements of specific note include:
·  The new Rich Text for Comments and Notes feature gives the ability to add color and emphasis to all notes, instructions, and comments throughout Odyssey.
·  An enhanced customization option via a Custom IV Button that can be attached to any existing data view for personalized additional detail on any list screen. (Web UI only).
·  More graphical KPI capabilities give access to more than 65 company-level goals and total accumulators, as well as regeneration options for the KPIs to start-up using historical data. (Web UI only).

“Our focus is and has always been foundries, diecasters and investment casting,” stated Matt Gacek, vice president – Business Development. "That means B&L’s software enhancements are centered around what metalcasters need from an ERP system.

“We have a vibrant community of North American metalcasters using Odyssey who provide us with direct industry feedback on what is ‘next’ for the industry,” Gacek continued. “That asset is unique among ERP providers and is the reason why we’ve focused on CRM, KPIs and, now, the Flask Planner. Those Odyssey enhancements provide the information and functionality our customers need to make better decisions faster.”

Odyssey 5.0 MR5 information is available via the B&L customer portal (Customer Login) for customers who host Odyssey on their own servers. Any assistance needed in the update process is free for any customers on maintenance with B&L. Odyssey customers on the B&L Cloud will be contacted by B&L's Technology Department with the update schedule.

This will be the last maintenance release for Odyssey 5.0, the developer indicated.
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