An example of ASK Chemicalsrsquo new NewWavetrade molten metal filter design

Filter Line Minimizes Molten Metal Splash

April 20, 2014
NewWave™ filter line designed with novel, undulating surface to “soften” the impact. The nodules, or hills, increase the filters’ surface area and allow for a modified “spray-zone.” Undulating filter pattern Physics of splashing
Q:Is there any way to reduce molten metal from splashing during pouring?  Once it makes contact with the filter it sprays everywhere.A: Depending on the type of foundry you operate, and the type of metal you pour, this can be a significant problem.  Among investment casting foundries, for instance, metal alloys constitute a major part of overall operating cost.  Thus, any metal lost during pouring is “money down the drain.” 

Of course, this problem isn’t exclusive to investment casters.  Any foundry should be concerned about losing metal, especially if there are effective ways to contain the problem. 

Fortunately, some methods have been developed to address it.  ASK Chemicals produces a line of filters with an undulating pattern, called NewWave.   This unique design features several small nodules, or hills, that invariably increase the filters’ surface area and also allow for a modified “spray-zone” (i.e., the typical spray path) for the liquid that is poured through it. 

For example, if water is poured directly downward onto a flat surface it will spray in every direction, but particularly straight upward in the direction of its initial descending path. 

However, if the liquid is poured on a vertically pointed surface (e.g. pyramid) then it will spray sideways and downwards (i.e., the direction of the pyramid slope.)  In addition, this type of impact is relatively “soft” because the liquid travels with the surface finish. 

Conversely, in the previous, “flat” example, the liquid smashes forcefully into the surface, thereby creating an explosion, of sorts.  Thus, part of the liquid (i.e., your metal) will be lost.    

Based on this explanation, the NewWave design, with its undulating surface, produces a softened horizontal impact, as in the pyramid example.  It surely is not a “perfect” solution; there is no such thing.  Molten metal inevitably will spray in any situation where there is an object within its falling-path.  Even so, with the NewWave design you will have the possibility of minimizing this spray-off effect, and saving as much metal — and money — as the task will allow.   

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