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Automated Pre-Deburring of Cast Parts

Aug. 4, 2020
The deburring wheel uses rotating milling cutters to remove burrs, sprues, pins, etc. up to 100 mm high, with a robot or manipulator to present each face of the part for surface treatment.

FILL GmbH, the Austrian developer of process machinery and manufacturing plant technology, offers a "pre-deburring" machine that automatically and easily knocks burrs or other surface protrusions up to 100 mm high from steel castings and forgings using rotating milling cutters.

Castings are presented to the rotating knock-off wheel by means of a robot or a manipulator. Depending on the design of the gripper, all sides of the casting or forging can be freed from burrs, sprues, pins, etc.

The deburring wheel can be operated as a standalone machine or in combination with several machines, as required. The system also can be configured to include a robot-guided deburring wheel.

Predeburring of parts increases the service life of subsequent grinding processes thanks to consistent height for the residual burrs. Depending on the thickness of the burrs, a deburring wheel can perform the complete deburring step, fully replacing any subsequent grinding process.

The individually mounted impact blades are made of highly resistant powder-metallurgical tool steel for guaranteed maximum service life.

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