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Godfrey & Wing porosity sealing operation.

Godfrey & Wing Expands Capacity and Capabilities

Jan. 2, 2023
Six service centers in North America are ready to offer vacuum impregnation for castings and other parts, including new materials and product designs that may require porosity sealing.

Godfrey & Wing reported it has expanded its capacity for vacuum impregnation processes at its six North American service centers, to help manufacturers ensure part performance and build their own business profitability.

"Our expansion is vital to solving manufacturers' porosity-sealing challenges," according to CEO Alexander Alford. "This allows the best manufacturers worldwide to trust Godfrey & Wing to meet their requirements and the integrity of their bottom line."

Vacuum impregnation is a sealing process used to address trapped gases that may result in cavitation or inclusions in castings, making the structure more stable and durable. Porosity can result in a leak path through the casting wall that would prevent it from holding pressure.

For example, components to be used as hydraulic pumps or transmission parts can be treated to eliminate the surface porosity on internal sections that may cause a system failure. Or porosity that develops in passageways of an engine block’s oil or water circuits can be eliminated so as not to weaken the structure.

Godfrey & Wing develops vacuum impregnation installations for metalcasters and manufacturers that rely on castings – and also offers such services at its own locations. The six North American operations are at Aurora, Defiance, and Toledo, OH; Saginaw, MI; Milwaukee; and Santa Catarina, Mexico.

According to Godfrey & Wing, the capacity expansion allows it to provide new and proven vacuum impregnation solutions for components ranging from diecastings to electronics, to graphite and EV batteries, including new materials and product designs that may require vacuum impregnation.