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Plasma - or laser - cutting achieves clean cuts that require less grinding or deburring in subsequent finishing steps.

Can-Eng to Build Heat-Treating Plant for Steel Castings

Dec. 1, 2009
Russian project is one part of a complete railcar manufacturing complex

Can-Eng Furnaces reports it has an order from a Russian railcar manufacturer for two 10-metric tons/hour rotary-hearth furnaces for normalizing steel castings. TVSZ will install the equipment at its plant in Tikhvin, Russia, to quench and temper components for railroad truck assemblies, side frames, and bolsters.

Niagara Falls, ON-based Can-Eng designs and manufactures a broad range of industrial heat-treating equipment.

The project’s scope of supply covers the entire thermal processing needs for a 73,000 metric tons/year combined normalizing and quench-and-temper operation. Can-Eng’s multi-million dollar order is part of a $1-billion investment by TVSZ to establish a complete casting and machining operation, and railcar assembly plant.

The Tikhvin plant, 150 miles east of St. Petersburg, will start up in January 2011 and product up to 12,000 railcars per year.

Can-Eng indicates the normalizing furnaces will be supplied with a Level 2 Automation system; automated material handling functions; two batch tempers; an 80,000-liter quench tank with elevator; and loading and unloading roller hearth conveyors with forced cooling on the post normalize side. Castings will be conveyed on cast alloy grids that measure approximately 10 x 10 ft.