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NovaCast Takes New Order for Heavy Castings

June 6, 2009
Finnveden orders stamping press components
NovaCast Technologies announced a new order for its Camito and SwePart Verktyg divisions, for a set of progressive tools from Finnveden Metal Structures — an automotive components producer. The order includes production of a set of die shoes, as well as construction and completion and testing of stamping dies. It also includes construction and casting of a press pallet weighing approximately 6 metric tons. Finnveden Metal Structures produces steel, aluminum, and magnesium products and components, including automotive stampings, diecastings, and press products. Its customer for this order is a truck manufacturer truck. “This is the second significant order from Finnveden in a short period of time,” stated Camito CEO Rolf Mastenstrand. “We have developed a good cooperation and we are happy and proud to be able to mobilize a Swedish manufacturing cluster in times of hard international competition.” Finnveden will receive four progressive die with a total weight of over 18 metric tons. Casting of the die shoes will take place at the Camito Technology Center foundry, and the dies will completed at SwePart Verktyg. NovaCast develops and markets castings for the production of automotive body parts, as well as production simulation, modeling and process control software for metalcasting. The group’s Camito castings are produced in a single piece for automotive stamping dies. Its SwePart division is a producer of stamping dies.