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The Eriez Hydroflow line of heavyduty industrial wetdry vacuum sump cleaner units clean virtually any machine tool sump tank or pit quickly and thoroughly

Sump Cleaners Filter Used Oils, Waste Coolants

Oct. 8, 2012
Drum top sump cleaner Reversible liquid vacuum Sump cleaner Single-compartment sump cleaner Push sump cleaner Truck sump cleaner

The ERIEZ Hydroflow line of heavy-duty, industrial wet/dry vacuum sump-cleaner machines clean virtually any sump, tank or pit quickly and thoroughly. Units range from the inexpensive top drum cleaners to the widely-recognized sump cleaner. The systems are available in six models that clean metalworking machines effectively and efficiently, while minimizing downtime for machine tools:

Drum top sump cleaner:  This vacuum unit converts an existing open top drum into a machine tool sump cleaner. It is an economical alternative to a dedicated sump cleaner and fits onto standard 55-gallon (205 liter) open-top drums. This unit is powered by an air venturi vacuum generator and is supplied with a 10-foot (3-meter) suction hose.

Reversible liquid vacuum: This sump cleaner can fit into an operator's hand, yet it sucks up tramp oils, used oils and waste coolants quickly and easily. This unit will also discharge fluids out of the drum into a separate container, if desired, with just the turn of a knob. Contents of the standard kit include air venture unit, 10-foot (3-meter) suction hose, drum standpipe adapter, quick disconnect fittings, air control valve, safety shut-off valve, and aluminum wand.

The Reversible Liquid Vacuum, which operates on shop air and is quieter than most industrial vacuums, is efficient at removing spent coolants, waste fluids or oils from machine sumps, reservoirs and storage tanks. It attaches easily to a small bung on a standard drum.

Sump cleaner: This durable unit, available with single or twin compartments, ranges in capacity from 65 gallons (246 liters) to 1,000 gallons (3,780 liters). Push-around, tow-around, or truck-mounted units are available. This Eriez Sump Cleaner removes the coolant, sludge and chips from the sump, filters the sludge and chips from the coolant, and returns the filtered coolant to the sump, or transports the coolant to waste treatment or to another Eriez recycling system. A polypropylene filter sleeve filters to a nominal 50 microns. For finer filtration, a single-use paper filter sleeve (to 20 microns nominal) can be inserted into the chip basket.

The sump cleaner filters coolants rapidly and completely. In 10 minutes, a cylindrical grinder sump with 120 gallons (454 liters) of coolant and 700 pounds (317 kilograms) of sludge can be fully cleaned, coolant filtered and returned to the sump.

Single-compartment sump cleaner: This 50-gallon (190 liter), 120-volt single compartment unit is a good choice for smaller shops where floor space is at a premium and space around machine tools is limited. This push-around unit, which incorporates many of the same features and functions as the larger Eriez Sump Cleaner, has a suction rate up to 85 gallons per minute (320 liters per minute) and a discharge rate of up to 40 gallons per minute (150 liters per minute).

Push sump cleaner: This mobile unit is available with a single 275-gallon (1,000 liter) compartment or twin compartments of 100 gallons (380 liters) each. The push sump cleaner features center-mounted, high-impact ball bearing wheels for good maneuverability and low rolling resistance.

Truck sump cleaner: An Eriez Sump Cleaner can be assembled on an LP or electric industrial truck for added mobility within a plant. The single compartment unit can process up to 400 gallons (1,500 liters), while the twin compartment model can filter up to 200 gallons (750 liters) each.