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The color display built into the Flex VUE handheld transmitter keeps the operator informed of battery life signal strength warning symbols and other system status and diagnostic details

Handheld, Wireless Transmitter for Crane, Hoist Control

Oct. 22, 2012
Configure transmitter through the display menu Two-way feedback available

The new MAGNETEK INC. Flex VUE™ wireless controller for cranes, hoists, and other industrial applications is based on the supplier’s Flex™ line of radio controllers, with the addition of a graphic display that provides advanced communications and convenience. “Crane and hoist operators have embraced the Flex line for its flexible and reliable performance and its ergonomic and lightweight design,” explained Eugene Novak, Magnetek’s radio controls product manager. “In the Flex VUE we’ve added a graphic display for customers looking for a handheld device with the advanced communications, configuration convenience and two-way feedback they appreciate in our 'belly box' transmitters.”

The high-resolution color display built into the Flex VUE handheld transmitter keeps the operator informed of system status and diagnostics at all times, including battery life, signal strength and warning symbols. Operators can configure the transmitter through the display menu, quickly and easily. Two-way feedback is available to provide information on machine parameters, alarms and command confirmation.  Four, eight, or 12 two-step or stepless pushbutton configurations are available, providing accurate and smooth operation. The Flex VUE is available in 400-MHz and 2.4-GHz.

Customers can combine Flex VUE with the versatile Flex M wireless receiver that features a modular plug-and-play design, similar to a PLC, and allows one plant to use the same type of receiver component for any size application.

The Flex VUE’s compact design is rugged enough to handle outdoor and harsh industrial environments, and its quick response allows for precise control. Magnetek’scost-effective wireless radio controls are designed to meet customer specifications, reducing internal engineering and manufacturing costs, improving time to market and enhancing equipment performance.

Magnetek designs durable transmitters that are configurable to the needs of a variety of industrial applications.