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Xtreme Cut 292 is formulated with safe metalworking chemistries that provide a low toxicity profile resulting in a fluid that is safe for end users and the environment

Cutting Fluid for Difficult Machining Applications

Jan. 19, 2014
Improved cycle times, tool life Low drag-out rates Eliminates foaming, staining, residues

QUALICHEM expanded its Xtreme Cut family of premium water-based metalworking fluids with the introduction of Xtreme Cut 292. This formulation is a specifically designed to overcome the challenges of working with difficult alloys, titanium, Inconel and stainless steel.

The new lubrication technology in Xtreme Cut 292 has demonstrated significant cost savings to aerospace customers as a result of improved cycle times and tool life, particularly when machining exotic alloys.

This fluid delivers additional savings because low drag-out rates reduce coolant usage, and extended sump life improves productivity and reduces disposal cost.

Xtreme Cut 292 eliminates foaming, staining and residues. This new technology provides better lubricity than traditional heavy-duty soluble oils. Xtreme Cut 292 is formulated with the safest metalworking chemistries, which provide a product with a low toxicity profile, resulting in a fluid that is safe for end users and the environment. 

“Xtreme Cut 292 is designed to be the highest performing oil-based emulsion cutting fluid on the market today,” according to Mike Forest, QualiChem’s director of metalworking. “In initial field trials, Xtreme Cut 292 was found to double tool life, reduce coolant usage by 77%, cut downtime for tool changes by over 50% and eliminate foaming, staining and residue, when compared to another popular brand of water-based cutting fluid. The result was an estimated annual projected tool life savings of $39,060 for a single machine running Xtreme Cut 292.”

Tests also reveal that Xtreme Cut 292 can replace straight oils where other water-dilutable products have failed.