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The CGV-900 offers built-in compliance, allowing the unit to compensate for irregularities in part surfaces and maintain contact with a workpiece. The compliance force is adjustable, so users can fine-tune finishing processes in real time.
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Plasma - or laser - cutting achieves clean cuts that require less grinding or deburring in subsequent finishing steps.
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The wear-free two-substance ring nozzle generates a pulsed jet. It contains a valve specially developed for this purpose and achieves pulse times as fast as 20 milliseconds.
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The S-3-160-S Sonder has a process chamber that ranges from 60-480 l.

Protective Gas Chamber Furnaces

Jan. 3, 2014
Inconel muffle for a max. temp to 1150 °C Three-zone atmosphere control Safety package for H2 atmosphere

LINN HIGH THERM GmbH, a manufacturer of industrial and lab furnaces, introduced a new protective gas chamber furnace – the S-3-160-S Sonder — designed with a gastight muffle, for heat treatment processes under protective gas atmosphere up to 1,050°C.

The process chamber ranges from 60-480 l, and according to customer specification.

The system is recommended for soldering and annealing of workpieces, scale-free treatment of sensitive steel grades, debinding and sintering processes, oxidation or surface reduction, pyrolysis, and many more applications, under controlled atmosphere.

A wide selection of options are available for universal application, including an Inconel muffle for a maximum operating temperature up to 1150°C; three-zone atmosphere control; and a gas-feeding, burning-off device with flame oversight capability.

The S-3-160-S is available with a safety package for hydrogen atmosphere operations. It has a gas ventilation system with fast cooling capability.

The package is capable of gas quenching with heat exchanger, and achieves vacuum up to 800°C.