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QualiChem developed EqoMax specifically for severe cutting and grinding of aerospace parts medical devices and similar product categories

Low-Viscosity Formulations for Cutting/Grinding

Oct. 19, 2014
Vegetable-based straight oils provide viscosity, lubricity, oxidative stability and high-pressure performance Developed for stainless, titanium, exotic alloys Optimized for high-speed cutting, grinding No foaming at 1,000 psi or higher

QualiChem, a manufacturer of metalworking fluids, introduced a new family of premium low-viscosity vegetable-based straight oils. The new-technology in Eqo-Max series straight oils is derived from carefully selected base stocks, augmented by QualiChem’s formulatory expertise, to provide optimized viscosity, lubricity, oxidative stability and high-pressure performance. They have been developed specifically for severe cutting and grinding applications on stainless steels, titanium and other exotic alloys machined in demanding industrial sectors like aerospace parts and medical devices.

Naturally occurring vegetable oils typically have viscosities around 35-38 cSt. In order to get a vegetable-based lubricant in the range of 8-10 cSt, QualiChem chemists searched non-traditional metalworking supply channels and found a synthesized vegetable base stock that is well suited for the lower viscosity needs of today’s high-speed and high-pressure machines.

The selected base stock must have a combination of excellent thermal and oxidative stability, high flash point, low viscosity, and low odor: The vegetable-derived ester chosen for Eqo-Max 714 delivers these properties at optimized values for high-temperature metalworking applications.

The Eqo-Max premium oils eliminate foaming when running in high-pressure coolant delivery systems at 1,000 psi or higher.

“Our new generation Eqo-Max low-viscosity vegetable-derived straight oils provide a rapid return on investment by reducing coolant usage rates, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity,” stated Mike Forest, QualiChem director of metalworking. “And, since vegetable oil is a naturally renewable resource, it is more environmentally friendly.”