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The CGV-900 offers built-in compliance, allowing the unit to compensate for irregularities in part surfaces and maintain contact with a workpiece. The compliance force is adjustable, so users can fine-tune finishing processes in real time.
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Plasma - or laser - cutting achieves clean cuts that require less grinding or deburring in subsequent finishing steps.
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The wear-free two-substance ring nozzle generates a pulsed jet. It contains a valve specially developed for this purpose and achieves pulse times as fast as 20 milliseconds.
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Godfrey & Wing

Tier One Supplier Orders Godfrey & Wing HVLV Systems

Feb. 7, 2017
Vacuum impregnation systems for diecast aluminum compressor parts Sealing voids, porosity Automotive air conditioning systems Just-in-time manufacturing

Mahle GmbH, a Tier One automotive parts manufacturer based in Stuttgart, Germany, contracted Godfrey & Wing to supply five of its HVLV vacuum impregnation systems at its operation in Juarez, Mexico. The systems will seal diecast aluminum air-conditioning compressor parts.

Mahle is one of the world’s largest auto parts producers, with over 170 plants and research centers in Europe, Asia, and the Americas. It manufactures engine systems and components, filtration and engine peripherals, thermal management components (e.g., for vehicle air conditioning and engine cooling), and aftermarket parts.

Cleveland-based Godfrey & Wing specializes in vacuum-impregnation systems that provide surface conditioning and treatment to seal porosity and other voids in cast metal surfaces, to prevent the migration of fluids or gases out of or into a manufactured component. For example, components to be used as hydraulic pumps or transmission parts can be treated to eliminate the surface porosity on internal sections that may cause a system failure. Or, porosity that develops in passageways of an engine block’s oil or water circuits can be eliminated so as not to weaken the structure.

Godfrey & Wing’s High Value/Low Volume (HVLV) system is a semi-automated, three-module operation that uses a dry vacuum and pressure processing, and is capable of processing up to 15 cycles per hour.

“The systems are capable of recovering 99.5% of porous castings, thus allowing Mahle to maximize casting recovery,” according to G&W. Five HVLVs will be installed this year in order to integrate vacuum impregnation to the current production process.

“The HVLV systems’ small footprint and modular construction allow Mahle to integrate vacuum impregnation directly into their production and assembly,” according to the system supplier. The goal is for manufacturer to “eliminate production delays through just-in-time manufacturing.”

The order also includes technical support for the systems and an ongoing supply of sealant.