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Vulcan / Fox Air-Float Cut Off with hydraulic table

Perfecting Cut-Off Processes to Match Needs

Jan. 1, 2018
New functions and options advanced safety standards, while maintaining efficiency and reliability

Greater flexibility has been the objective for the continued development of the Fox® Air Float Cut-Off product-line, which has included adding new, larger work tables; multiple options for vertical travel of the work table, allowing a larger range of castings to be processed; and optional joystick control of the cutting motion.

The Fox Air Float Cut-Off machine is recommended for removing gating and riser removal on small, medium, and large castings, or castings on runner bars or trees. It is well-suited to processing castings that are too heavy for operators to handle, with the “air float” feature making movement of heavy pieces almost effortless. 

Compressed air is used to “lift” the gondola to allow the operator, to “float” it around the table, and the laser guide aligns the casting into the proper cutting position. Once in position, a vacuum is used to hold it in place securely during cutting. 

The saw uses hydraulic down pressure to remove risers and gating quickly and efficiently. Fox grinding and cutting equipment is proven reliable and designed to work effectively in rugged, dirty workplaces, like foundries. The system’s standard features include:
• An automatic rotating wheel guard that works by exposing the wheel only when the safety Lexan door is closed and the gondola is vacuumed to the table, for maximum operator safety.
• A fully enclosed, 40-HP, fan-cooled motor drive system with hydraulic assist that allows a constant force to cut smoothly through castings. It’s especially effective for metals that are prone to heat sensitive cracking.
• A low-power laser-alignment system with a beam generator that sets a uniform, vivid red line for the cut-off wheel, to ensure accurate cut- cutting. The laser is turned on at the operator console to confirm the cutting path or with a foot switch during movement of the part, to assist in alignment, and turns off after a short-timed interval. The length of laser illumination can be controlled by an adjustable timer in the main control panel.
• The whole unit is easily mounted on one base, but can be mounted to two if larger table is installed.
• The air float gondola allows the operator to move castings easily into the correct position for cutting. Three air flotation pads stabilize the operation, and the gondola fixture base plate is included to incorporate tooling.
• Air flotation table. Constructed of heavy-duty structural steel for long use, the air-flotation table and has a Blanchard-ground surface for easy movement of the gondola. A swarf deflector on the back of table helps to direct swarf to a dust collection inlet after cutting, to help reduce “bounce back.” The pneumatic/vacuum system is mounted to table. 

Other, optional features include:  Joystick hand control that operators can use to control the cutting motion of the saw from behind the safety door/shield. The joystick is integrated with the operator console, and the controls give the customer a very ergonomic method to cut (requiring only simple hand movement.) The joystick moves the cut-off wheel up or down through the cutting zone, and its trigger allows for a faster travel in the respective up or down motion being operated.
•  A hinged steel door with a Lexan window allows the operator access to the gondola, and is interlocked into the safety system.
•  The saw is designed to be installed in its own room, but Air Float models are available with full enclosures to increase safety standards for busy workplaces.
•  The air floatation table can be extended to the right or left; the standard table is 60 inches square.
•  Vertical adjustability allows the air floatation table to be raised and lowered by four synchronized mechanical screw jacks and two guides. It’s build with heavy-duty structural steel for long use, and multiple table configurations are available.

Newly available design options include:  The base of the saw (and the point about which the saw pivots, the trunnion) can be raised an additional 24 inches. This increases significantly the size of castings that can fit under the saw, and therefore increases the overall casting cutting envelope. At this height, the joystick control must be integrated because the handle bar that typically is used to move the saw through the cutting motion would be too high for the operator to reach.
•  An additional operator door/shield can be integrated if the optional extension to table is purchased. A hinged steel door with Lexan viewing window allows the operator access to gondola. The door/shield must be closed to operate saw. Multiple doors include additional safety interlock units.
•  The Fox Air Float also incorporates redundant safety shutoff valves with monitoring, making one of the most precise and efficient cutting systems available one of the safest systems as well. 

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