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Doncaster Precision Castings
Heat treating investment castings at Doncaster Precision Castings.

Investment Caster Expanding Heat Treating

June 25, 2024
Doncaster Precision Castings is installing a second electric furnace for annealing, tempering, and heat-treating superalloy aerospace, IGT, and automotive castings.

Doncaster Precision Castings is installing a second heat-treating furnace to improve its production efficiency for super-alloy structural investment castings. The furnace supplier, L&L Special Furnace, reported the ceramic fiber lined electric box furnace will perform annealing, tempering, and heat-treating for the foundry’s aerospace, IGT, and automotive castings.

The FB Series electric box furnaces are a series of general purpose, ceramic fiber-lined electric box furnaces that reach up to 2,200°F with iron-aluminum-chrome elements, and up to 2,000°F with the standard nickel-chrome elements.

Doncaster’s FB435 model furnace, it’s second, measures 44 in. wide by 36. in. high, and 60 in. deep. It operates in an air atmosphere and has a vertical, counterbalanced pneumatic door, with an 18-in. diameter cast-alloy fan. The cooling system is powered by is powered by an automated ventilation system with a 600-CFM venturi air mover.

The six-zone, solid-state-relay control with digital biasing allows the operator to easily balance  temperature gradients. Honeywell process controllers and a NEMA-12 industrial control panel with fused disconnect support the furnace’s control and safety features.

Also, the flat castable hearth and stack-light audible visual annunciator system optimize furnace operations.

Doncaster Precision Castings of Groton, CT, pours vacuum-melted nickel and cobalt based superalloys for parts up to 45 in. (1.4 m) diameter by 30 in. (762 mm) high, and pour weights of up to 1,000 lbs. (454 kg.)

According to L&L Special Furnace, by choosing a second FB435 model furnace Doncaster is demonstrating its commitment to maintaining high-quality production standards for aerospace and automotive markets.