Combining cycletime efficiency with microporosity sealing and postimpregnation cleaning Godfrey amp Wingrsquos Continuous Flow Impregnation process is a lowunitcost design for engine block treatment

Combining cycle-time efficiency with micro-porosity sealing and post-impregnation cleaning, Godfrey & Wing’s Continuous Flow Impregnation process is a low-unit-cost design for engine block treatment.

Godfrey & Wing Acquisition Expands Capabilities, Capacity

Purchase of Impco said to increase reach, service and technical capabilities for vacuum impregnation Joining experience and technology Terms not announced Defining “vacuum impregnation”

Godfrey & Wing Inc. has acquired IMPCO Incorporated in what it described as a “strategic move” that expands its technical capabilities and production capacity for casting producers worldwide. “We are excited to offer current and future customers the vast vacuum impregnation experience and technology that comes with the joining of these two companies,” stated Chris Gilmore, president and CEO of Godfrey & Wing.

“We will continue to be at the forefront of vacuum impregnation technology, delivering more sealed parts at the lowest price, resulting in the best financial outcome for our customers,” Gilmore added.

The value and other terms of the purchase were not released.

Vacuum impregnation is a sealing process used to address trapped gases that may result in cavitation or inclusions in castings, making the structure more stable and durable. Porosity can result in a leak path through the casting wall that would prevent it from holding pressure.

Godfrey & Wing develops installations for metalcasters and manufacturers that rely on castings – and also offers such services at its own dedicated processing centers and affiliated locations.

G&W’s High-Value/Low-Volume (HVLV) system was developed for automakers to treat porosity in engine blocks and transmission parts. Its Continuous Flow Impregnation (CFi) was developed to impregnate castings individually rather than by batch treatment.

IMPCO Inc., East Providence, RI, also is a full-service impregnation technology provider, including impregnation materials, equipment, and services to manufacturers.

 “With combined vacuum impregnation expertise of more than 120 years, this merger is a significant step forward in vacuum impregnation, increasing the reach, level of service and technical capabilities that can be offered to customers around the world,” stated Peter T. Gebhard, former president and CEO of IMPCO.

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