The Continuous Flow Impregnation CFi system is an example of inline surface treatment to address porosity in aluminum castings  It is capable of impregnating a single aluminum cylinder block in less than 98 seconds and the work cell can be integrated with the machining line for operational efficiency Godfrey & Wing
The Continuous Flow Impregnation (CFi) system is an example of in-line surface treatment to address porosity in aluminum castings. It is capable of impregnating a single aluminum cylinder block in less than 98 seconds, and the work cell can be integrated with the machining line, for operational efficiency.

Godfrey & Wing Strikes Partnerships in Italy, India

Tecnocomponenti adds to European presence Cee Dee Vacuum Equipment makes HPi available in India

Godfrey & Wing is forming two new partnerships that will expand its global reach.  The company designs and manufactures vacuum impregnation systems, including Continuous Flow Impregnation systems, and thermoset and anaerobic sealants. In the first of these new partnerships, G&W is supplying its 95-1000AC anaerobic sealant to Tecnocomponenti Ltd., a specialty job shop that operates two vacuum impregnation lines using anaerobic sealant.  

Tecnocomponenti’s customers are foundries that produce complex aluminum alloy castings and assemblies, for motorcycles, bicycles, electrical, and electromechanical components.

Godfrey & Wing noted it manufactures the only anaerobic sealant that complies with European REACH regulations, and all of its anaerobic line of sealants are perform effectively at sealing and rinsing, thereby addressing environmental concerns.

“As we continue to expand our European presence, we are pleased to have an independent authorized service center in Italy to better serve our European customers,” stated Ralf Versmold, managing director of Godfrey & Wing GmbH.

Separately, G&W initiated a partnership with Cee Dee Vacuum Equipment in Pune, India, which manufactures vacuum impregnation equipment for dry type transformers and porous castings.  Having supplied over 300 vacuum and pressure systems to date, Cee Dee has expertise with front-loading and top loading vacuum and pressure impregnation systems for chambers sizes up to 5 m diameter and 16 m long. Some of these systems are considered to be the largest ever produced, and are the product of Cee Dee’s widely recognized R&D and manufacturing capabilities.

Thanks to this new partnership Godfrey & Wing’s high-performance front-loading impregnation system will be available in India. This compact HPi system consists of a work cell, complimenting lean manufacturing for casting and machining. It achieves fast cycle times and improves sealing performance, so the processor achieves cleaner parts without damage, conserves floor space, reduces handling, and minimizes work in progress.

Godfrey & Wing said Cee Dee’s manufacturing capabilities and its own technical expertise form a strong alliance supplying vacuum impregnation sealants, high-speed processing equipment, and applications capabilities for the Indian market.

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